Spring begins and with it we have to continue protecting our pet from fleas, ticks and especially the Leishmaniasis mosquito. Apart from repellants for the phlebotomus mosquito, other products have been coming onto the market that we can use to help our pet not contract the disease.

Repellents that act against the mosquito:

  • First of all, if we look at the habits of the transmitting mosquito: they are generally twilight mosquitoes (they bite when the sun goes out), so if we avoid leaving the dog outside or taking it out for a walk at critical times, we will decrease the risk of contagion.
  • “SCALIBOR” necklace from the brand “MSD”, antiparasitic collar that includes a repellent for mosquitoes. Other products have not shown good efficacy against these mosquitoes.
  • Pipettes “ADVANTIX” from the “Bayer” brand that will protect it against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.
  • Pipettes “VECTRA” of the brand “Ceva”, which will protect you against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Today we also have two alternatives to prevent the disease in our pets:

  • Letifend vaccine: new vaccine against leishmaniasis. This year a new vaccine has been released.
    Unlike the previous one (Canileish) this new vaccine only requires a single dose, whereas the previous one (Canileish) required 3 initial doses.

After the administration of Letifend, immunity begins to take effect after 28 days and requires an annual revaccination.

It is always recommended that before the administration of the vaccine, a SNAP TEST be performed to see if the animal is negative for leishmania. As the rest of vaccines does not prevent the animal from being infected, what it does is help it fight the parasite to prevent it from causing the disease.

The vaccine can only be used in healthy animals older than 6 months. Before the first dose, the animal must be properly dewormed.

  • LEISGUARD syrup. Based on domperidone (5mg / ml), it is administered directly in the mouth or mixed with food once a day for 30 days. It begins to protect our dog from the fifth day and lasts 4 months. This medicine also serves as a treatment for already sick animals during the early stages of the disease. Studies of the product advise to administer it during the months of: OCTOBER, FEBRUARY AND JUNE.
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