Veterinary cardiology has progressed in the last years and each cop has more supplies and drugs to detect, cure or palliate those cardiac or respiratory diseases that may affect the quality of life of our pets.




Cardiac / respiratory pathologies can manifest themselves in some symptomatic :


·Cough: both a severe cough and a weak cough.
·Dyspnea: respiratory difficulties.
·Weakness / apathy: to vegades we cannot relate to both age but it can be an indicator of a pathology, too.
·Intolerance to l’exercici: we can see that the animal does not tolerate an exercise that abans the realitzava sense effort.
·Syncope: it is a sudden loss of consciousness and posture, quick and rapid recovery.


It is the most widely used diagnostic test
to value the heart, lungs
and the rest of the chest.


It is the test that measures the electrical activity of the heart. Arrhythmias are an electrical disorder that alters the normal heart rate, and can cause serious health effects in our animals.


It is the test that allows us to see the structure of the heart internally and thus be able to arrive at a more specific diagnosis of the pathology.